I added some ideas and decor to them and it worked magical


I added some ideas and decor to them and it worked magical

“Eat them up soon. They are getting stale”


“This is your sixth or seventh yes without no exercise.”

…And many more unreplied words. Many of us, regardless of our professions or genders go through this everyday struggle over edibles. And fruits are inherent parts of this. Actually the above conversation is on food. The genderless homemaker being keen on pushing the other to eat the fruits in the basket and the other being reluctant in an annoyingly ignorant way…now the problem is in front: the fruits having entered the house at cost and with promises to provide health can not go to bin at the corner of the kitchen and the pusher cannot open the mouth of the other and make them eat. Nor can s/he eat them up her/himself…

This is the common thing faced by many such of us. And if we put a bit of our brains we can not get, but ‘create’ our own solutions to it. Here is one such solution that I created.

I could exactly predict the time when I would have had to throw those apples, bananas, grapes, pomegranate seeds into the bin out there. And at night when I was busy with my study I thought of taking some rest and headed towards my kitchen seeing my neglected basket of them lying on the dinner table. Suddenly my own kind of solution struck me. Accordingly, I boiled half litter of milk and made a runny paste of custard powder (vanilla flavoured) with half cup of milk. I deviated from the normal thickness of custard and made mine little runnier with added drops of vanilla extract and sugar cubes. I chopped my sweet and healthy fruits into nice pieces and was soon as my kind of custard became cool I moderately poured them on my chopped fruits and garnished.

Your ideas of decor can benefit you hugely. I kept my kind of ‘fruits with runny custard sauce’ in a glass vessel with glass lid and kept it at the middle of the dinner table so that it can bide tempting good morning to my ‘not so much in love with fruit people’. And to the satisfaction of my health freaknes it worked like magic. I didn’t have to say “Eat them”. I just had to wash their marks after they are eaten up.